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The Romantic Rhine stretches from Bingen and Rüdesheim in the south to Remagen and Unkel in the north.

The "Middle Rhine" Region

A Harmony of Dramatic Contrasts

A region for all the senses. Between Rüdesheim and Bingen in the south and the Siebengebirge hills in the north lies a valley fit for kings. Hardly anywhere else in Europe will you find such a unique combination: an exceptional natural landscape and a cultural heritage spanning more than two thousand years - and in the midst of it all flows the majestic Rhine, linking all the highlights of this valley which is home to no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Wherever you go you’ll find a special symbiosis of castles and palaces, medieval towns and wonderful wines.

Tradition on the one hand, but also a fascinating voyage of discovery which will provide you with a mass of unforgettable holiday experiences. On dry land you’ll wander through romantic alleyways and steep vineyard terraces, on the river you’ll cruise on one of the myriad white riverboats and steamers and from one of the many vantage points high up above the Rhine you’ll marvel at the unique panoramic views.

A holiday destination as old as the legends and myths of the beautiful maiden Loreley or the ‘Feuding Brothers’, but as young and modern as the ARP Museum at Rolandseck artists’ railway station or the Rheinsteig, a premium hiking trail. A harmony of contrasts between hill and valley, energetic, action-packed holidays and stress-free days of pleasant relaxation.
Plunge into a colourful picture book full of fascinating ideas and exciting stories - between ‘Mouse Tower’ and Rolandsbogen.