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Each year from May to September the fireworks spectacular “Rhein in Flammen® - The Original” takes place along the most picturesque stretches of the Rhine. A romantic and unforgettable experience for all the family.

Rhein in Flammen® - The Original

Enter a magic realm. Suddenly all the castles are illuminated in green and red, the darkness explodes in a thousand glittering stars and the towers and turrets are bathed in the mysterious glow of Bengal lights. Whilst up on the heights it seems as if a volcano is erupting, the river below has become a shimmering sea of coloured lights and it’s time for music and celebration all along the Rhine from the Mouse Tower in Bingen to the Drachenfels Mountain. River boats large and small take part in the nighttime flottilla. Spectacularly decked out in their finest colours, they offer their guests a truly ‘up-close’ experience. As the name implies, the Rhine literally ‘bursts into flames’, and this event is repeated at different locations along the river on several occasions between May and September:

Rhein in Flammen (May 2, 2020) from Bonn to Linz

Rhein in Flammen (July 4, 2020) at Bingen/Rüdesheim

Rhein in Flammen (August 10, 2019) from Spay/Braubach to Koblenz

Rhein in Flammen (September 14, 2019) at Oberwesel

Rhein in Flammen (September 21, 2019) at St. Goar/St. Goarshausen

So there are plenty of opportunities to see this unique spectacle of landscape, fire and light. The towns and villages along the Rhine offer a varied support programme and all along the riverbanks there are good views of the mighty explosions of glittering stars and shimmering golden showers. But one of the finest ways to watch the show is from on board one of the dozens of boats afloat on the river of light.